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The Official Podcast of Filsinger Games - the greatest gaming in the galaxy. Your destination for all the up to date news and behind the scenes information on the Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling, and Independing Wrestling game lines. Plus, so much more!
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Latest Episodes…

  1. More Memories of a Promoter

    A moment of pause in the normal programming and content delivery to pay tribute not only to a fellow promoter but to friendship and community. We thank you very much for being friends and sharing this community with us. We look forward to sharing more in the future. In the ...


  2. Galacticon Overview 2021

    Galacticon 2021 is in the books, and Mike and Todd are reporting live, on-site from the con on closing day. Sam, meanwhile, is back in CotG Studios... His basement, he's in his basement... with a brief overview of his experience of the con virtually, the interview with Tom & the ...


  3. Galacticon Chronicles Part II

    The Road to Galacticon has nearly reached its last stop! Sam, Mike, & Todd are back to detail Galacticons 17-32. The guests, the tournaments, the releases, and more! Plus we have our usual rundown of the goings-on around Fed HQ and what you can expect from Galacticon 2021. In addition ...


  4. Galacticon 1 Roundtable

    We might not find the grail, this ain't the golden age of Camelot, and the table's not so much round as it is a Zoom meeting room, but we have a very cool episode as we are joined by Mark Ashby, Jack Durakos, Tim Dalton, Kirk Campbell, Rod Nadon, Mike ...


  5. Breaking Pre-Order News With Guest Chad Olson

    Chad Olson joins Sam Fain for a special pre-order report. You will not want to miss the big news as we go in depth on the latest signing, the Tragos-Thesz Set II lineup, TnT Hall of Fame 2021, and Galacticon memories! All this and so much more. ...